Rainy day

We are having tremendous thunderstorms, this morning. I am sipping my coffee–not at all looking forward to going in to work in this mess–and wondering what schools do about mornings like this. Are kids allowed to stand outside in electrical storms, waiting for the bus? I have searched my own memory, and honestly can’t remember.

Thanks for the input on the room colors. I have settled on painting the bedroom *some* shade of green. Apple 3 acquires an unpleasant dingy tobacco-stained air at night, I decided, so I may go with Pale Apple 2 or I may have a look at Pale Apple 3, should such a color exist. The master bathroom is weeks or months away from being painted, so I have some time to chew on what to do there.

Let’s look at some garden pictures I took yesterday, when it was sunny.

The rabbits have eaten down the eggplant, parsley, and sweet peppers. These hot peppers, though, are intact and flowering. Wow! Sweet peppers wouldn’t have flowered till July.

The thai basil is doing very well–Sparks is all charged up to make pho this summer–and the snapdragons I planted around it are doing better than snapdragons planted anywhere else in my garden. Must be a nice, sunny spot.

Volunteer dianthus has come up in my flower bed. It must have grown from last year’s seed, I guess, which is surprising because the dianthus that was in that spot last year was so heavily nibbled by the rabbits, I wouldn’t have thought it had a chance to go to seed.

The large lupin plant is going bonkers with blooms.

The mystery plants have indeed turned out to be some kind of perennial dianthus. Pretty!

And I am very, very excited to see how well the hollyhocks are growing, this year. I am crossing my fingers that they might bloom, which would be superfantastic. Nothing is prettier, or more surreal, than blooming hollyhocks.


3 thoughts on “Rainy day

  1. I really should read the BEGINNING of posts better instead of skipping to the pictures…

    So the apple 3 turns a nasty tobacco-y colour at night? That’s hilarious. Glad you are going with a green though. Love, love green.

    Lisa (again)

  2. Oh dearie me, I don’t have ANY cornishware at all. I like it–but English transferware is where my strengths lie. And all of that that I have is blue 🙂

    I will have a look next time I’m at Lowe’s, but I think Pale Apple 2 is probably where it’s at.

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