Pink or green?

Sparks is attending a vintage records show this Saturday, so I have the very bestest intentions of going to his house and painting the master bedroom. Before then, I need to figure out what color to paint it.

Is there anyone here who remember that my bedroom right now is pink? Here’s a picture from August 2007:


Pretty, isn’t it? I have a small collection of queen-sized quilts that are all pinks and greens, with some brown and red. So, basically, my choices for wall color are pink or green.

One consideration at the beginning was that this would be Sparks’ bedroom, too. For many men, this would automatically disqualify the pink option. However, Sparks is above all two things: (1) a mensch, and (2) supremely secure that nothing about the color of his bedroom walls can affect his masculinity. So he promises me–pinky promise–that he really wouldn’t mind having a pink bedroom, if that’s what I want. So I have no input from him.


After quite a bit of quality time with the paint chips at Lowe’s, I have narrowed the pink possibility back down to my original, current choice, Paris Pink by Martha Stewart for Valspar. In real life, it is a much warmer, more lovable pink than what you’re seeing on your monitor (if your monitor is anything like my monitor).

The best green possibilities right now are Apple 3 and Pale Apple 2 by Laura Ashley for Valspar, which in real life are infinitely more lovable shades of apple-green. Apple 3 looks more saturated and warmer in daylight; Pale Apple 2 looks cleaner and brighter at night.

So what should I do? Let me give you some ancillary information, and you’ll give me your input.

First thing to know: I have ordered and received the Nigella by Amy Butler fabrics that I will use to make cushions and curtains for the great room. These fabrics include similar shades of pink and similar shades of green; so either of those will work well with the great room.

Second thing to know: Sparks on his own likes earth tones. He has made noises about thinking that greens and blue are appropriate for the setting of the house.

Third thing to know: I love this shade of pink.

Fourth thing to know: the master bathroom is almost certainly going to have white tile up to shoulder-height, and be painted a cheery spa blue above that. It will also have a lot of dark brown-black wood in it (wardrobes, sink cabinet). I *could* be convinced to do something different, but it would take some convincing.

ETA: You know, I’m thinking now that I should do the bedroom green and the bathroom pink. I could keep my pink while having something fresh & new in the bedroom, and the pink would look well with the dark wood. Hmm.



3 thoughts on “Pink or green?

  1. Definitely go with the darker green for your bedroom and the lighter green for the bath. I say lighter for the bath because the room is so small. Ditch the blue idea. The green will be just as spa-ish but not as predictable, it will be different and new, will open up design possibilities you have probably never considered, and a man really shouldn’t have to have a pink bedroom. Enough said.

  2. I agree 100% with Joyce!! Could not think of a better solution. The two shades of green will unify and enlarge the appearance of bath/bedroom. Just a more cool and relaxing color.

  3. I am loving the apple green 3. Is there any furniture or frames you could paint in the pink and have the walls the green?

    (Don’t forget to show us the finished product!)

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