Moving into Sparks’ house (when it gets good and ready for us… and looking at our calendar this summer, I begin to wonder when that will happen) is going to be a big shift of gears, for me. Ever since I left home to go to college eleven years ago, the places I’ve lived have been temporary. Dorm rooms–student apartments–a rented house–even the Little Gray House of Mine, I knew were likely to be stopping points, just places to put my stuff for a couple of years until it was time for the next step.

Sparks’ house looks like it’s going to be an anchoring point, though. It seems like we will be there for five, ten, twenty years or more. In Anne Shirley’s words, it’s my house o’ dreams, and its advantages and limitations will shape my life for a long time to come.


One of the casualties is going to be my crafts room. Here’s a photograph I took of my yarn shelves when they were freshly assembled and tidily filled. I think I don’t need to tell you that keeping them neat has been a struggle. Sparks’ house has three bedrooms, one for us, one to be used as a guest room for now, and one that is going to have its own un-permanent, un-fixed status for a while, if you know what I mean. My father’s old deskasaurus will go there and yeah, maybe my sewing table. But those days are, we hope, limited. I have to find another place for my craft stuff.

So the current plan is to take these yarn shelves, and also the white sideboard in the study, and put them in the guest bedroom. All of my crafty stuff will have to live in one of those places, or simply Not Be. I will sew on the dining table, when I’m actually sewing, and stash my machine in the sideboard when I’m not. And that’s fair. There are whole months that I never go into my crafts room… mostly, it just enables me to accumulate stuff I’ll never use, and to be messy.

Having all 1700 square feet of the Little Gray House of Mine has taught me this lesson in several ways, actually. Kitchen storage? Accumulates Stuff. Bathroom storage and vanity space? Accumulates Stuff. A chair in the bedroom? Accumulates Stuff. A study? A craft room? More bookshelves? Just. Accumulates. Stuff.

Enough. I am being forced to put the reins on the Stuff, and even to weed out a good deal of the Stuff I already have.

And I think that’s a good thing. I’m down with that.


One thought on “Stuff

  1. I feel your pain! I’m moving to upstate NY in less than a month and I can only take what I can fit in my car. Clothes, books, crafty things, home decor, all have to be weeded through! The good thing is that you only keep the things (especially with clothes) that you truly love.

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