This will be a quick post, because it’s a depressing rainy morning and Sparks’ computer is borked…

I have ordered the fabric for the great room’s curtains and cushions. If you remember, I plan to make a mess of floor cushions and throw pillows for the seating area. I’m also going to cover an IKEA footstool, to be used either for feet or for cups of tea, or even as an extra seat. Here are the fabrics I bought to do all that with:

(pictures from fabric.com)

And here is the absolutely fabulous print I’ll make the panel curtains out of:

(picture from fabric.com)

They’re gonna be supercool. In a recent issue of Southern Living, they showed pictures of a house in which the drape hardware was mounted not across the windows, but on either side of it. This let the drapes stand farther away from the window that would have been otherwise likely, letting more of the window stay unblocked and more light come in. I like that idea, and am considering using it in the great room. The sliders there have miniblinds inside the glass, so the curtains will be purely ornamental… why not just admit that? Plus, getting a curtain rod that long would be tough.

And then, the squishy rug for the fireplace nook. The favorite of us both is this one:

(pictures from homedecorators.com)

But if, for whatever reason, we find ourselves unable to get it, we can go with either of these too:

(pictures from homedecorators.com)

And possibly, to throw over it and move around as desire, the oh-so-VERY-retro this:

(pictures from ikea.com)

So we have the whole textiles situation sorted out.

The big question, the only question for me really, is how well my English transferware will play with these fabrics. There is a pale powder-blue in them, which is a pale version of the cobalt blue of their patterns. Also, the Nigella collection of fabrics is advertised as being “neo-Victorian”, and you don’t get much more Victorian than my Asiatic Pheasant dishes (it was, I have read, the best-selling transferware pattern of the 19th century). But in any case–it will have to work. I have far too much transferware to get rid of it now.


3 thoughts on “Textiles

  1. I love Amy Butler prints. My friend Lisa’s mom made me this amazing quilt and it had a few of her prints incorporated into it. The textile print you picked out is great!

  2. We have used some curtain “rods” called “Side Panel Overlays.” They mount on either side of the window and can be placed so that the drape only covers a tiny part of the window. Sounds like that is what you are talking about.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures when you finish the re-do.

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