Sugar Stars winners

All right, I have taken far-too far too long to announce the sugar stars giveaway winners. Pudding says:


Joyce, Shirley, and Anita are the winners! Congratulations, everyone. I’ll be sending you emails shortly asking for your mailing addresses. Everyone, I direct you to the comments on the Sugar Stars Giveaway post–the entrants told me three lovely stories.

But, seriously. I thought giveaways were supposed to bring people out of the woodwork. There were, however… only those three entrants. And one of them is my mom. I am apparently not going to clean up on Etsy by selling sugar decorations. Perhaps I should try sock yarn again? That did very well.

On the Etsy forums, people are saying that it is a particularly bad economic climate in which to be selling luxuries, and boy howdy, I believe it. Apart from the breath-stopping drop in my retirement accounts, I had been able to mostly ignore the trouble until last week–until precisely when I was supposed to be announcing the giveaway winners, in fact, at which precise point in time my company laid off 25% of its work force. I still have a job, but in light of this, Sparks and I made the good-sense economic decision to live in his house, with its adorable baby mortgage, instead of my house, with its mortgage of very grown-up proportions.

Living in his house makes sense in more than just economic ways. His location is fantastic, his lot is huge and fantastic (with productive fruit trees!), and though his house is sound and he knows about all of its “issues”, it is also in need of a fresh kitchen and bathrooms. So, woohoo! IKEA here we come! I coped with the stress of the layoffs by designing the kitchen and bathrooms, and picking out carpets and curtains etc. Thank heavens for my 3D home design software and thank heavens for IKEA. Hang on, folks. Snapdragons is gonna go reno.

2 thoughts on “Sugar Stars winners

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the company’s layoffs but how exciting about the reno! Sounds like a lot of work but a lot of FUN, too! I can’t wait to live in a house . . . much less my OWN house! Hope you post progress shots, I’m super curious!

  2. Yep, I’m totally stoked about the renovation, and totally stressed out, too. Wedding plans? What are those? Who cares? I have a kitchen to order!

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