Sugar Stars giveaway

The Fourth of July, the Fourth of July… I was born in July, and Independence Day, coming as it does in the middle of such a drought of holidays, was always a favorite with me. On the last Fourth of July, Sparks and I had our third date, and I told him that he’d be married in a year (because he’s such a general all-around great guy, it seemed obvious to me). Rather wonderfully, this coming Fourth of July, he is going to marry me. Little wonder I like the holiday so much.


The sugar stars now available in my Etsy shop come in a red-white-and-blue patriotic variety. I thought that, to celebrate the new shop and to make me feel encouraged that it will eventually be July, I’d do a giveaway.

So here’s the deal: leave a comment telling me about a Glorious Fourth that stands out in your mind. Did you see your first fireworks? Did you miss them? Did you have a first kiss, a first love, a first child? Did the fireflies blink and the long grass swish in the breeze? Did you have a picnic? Tell me about it, and be sure to leave your email address too.

Entries close at noon on April 21 (one week from now), and I’ll announce my favorite three stories soon after. These three winners will receive one box of twenty-four patriotic sugar stars. Sound nice?

Get writing!


3 thoughts on “Sugar Stars giveaway

  1. Ok, here is my story.
    I belong to a new-ish church — I’m a charter member, meaning that I was there when it first started as a mission and have continued my membership through the growth and the becoming a full-fledged church.

    We bought 30 acres of land early in our existence and the first year we had it we decided to use it for a 4th of July party. This was just bare land but a member took in a road grader and made us a road and then he dumped on a load of rock and spread it. It rains a lot here so we could have had wet ground to drive over. The rocks supported our cars.
    We gathered early in the evening — ate home made ice cream and cakes and cookies and just enjoyed the time together as a church family. Then, as dark approached, the children started setting off their fireworks. It was a wonderful evening — weather was perfect — the fellowship sweet, and the fireworks exciting. We sat in our lawn chairs, talked, and ooohed and awwwwed over the brights lights. As I sat there I watched car after car after car pass the drive into our property. It hadn’t been my first choice but I could see that God had chosen the property and had put us right in the midst of thousands of people.

    Today our church building stands on that property — we outgrew it the first year. We’ve had lots of activities since we moved there but nothing will ever equal that first 4th of July in my heart.

  2. The fourth of july is always special since my youngest child was born on that day here at TRavis AFB. He is now going to be 18 this year but was born autistic. In the early days the hospital told me that he had fewer chances of progress in their estimation. I do not know if it was love or luck or Gods will but he now is assessed at higher functioning. His dear little heart believes the fourth of july is really all about him and the fireworks displays are just to entertain him. But then he was a character even before he was born. On july 3rd 1991 I stood in line 3 plus hours to get tickets to Terminator 2 which had just opened. After getting tickets and finally sitting down he kicked me hard and my water broke. So I called the doctor and he said I had to come in . I was pretty bummed. After 8 plus hours at 12:03 am he came into the world. I remember laying in the hospital bed with him when I heard the fireworks . They were being done on the airfield which faced us about 6 blocks away. It has been our tradition all these years to watch terminator 2 and see the fireworks. But I still can’t get him to believe the fireworks show isnt just for him. 🙂
    Congragulations on your engagement. I found your site by luck one day and check up every few days. Lots of your recipes have been hits with my family and my students loved your site when we did blogsearching during our computer class. You seem like a wonderful person and the simple stuff you write has been a pleasure for me to read in my downtime at home.
    Godbless 🙂

  3. One delightful 4th I remember was a trip back home to Indiana. After a very filling dinner of beef and noodles, over mashed potatoes (an Indiana favorite), garden corn on the cob, green beans and sliced tomatoes, we all jumped in the car to go over to Aunt Mary’s orchard where the view of the local fireworks was held to be awesome. We set up our lawn chairs amidst the apple and cherry trees and waited patiently for the show to begin. The fireworks went off like clockwork at 9:00 PM, and they were wonderful, especially to our 9 year old daughter. But, the more spectacular show was in the woods adjacent to the orchard. It seemed that the artificial light display of the fireworks stimulated the fireflies to put on a show of their own. I have never before or since seen such a conflagration of lightning bugs doing their darndest to put on such a show. There must have been thousands of the little mobile lanterns. It was truely delightful.

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