Pastels & Pyrex

In the past month, a corner of my kitchen has become distinctly pastel-ified. It has always had my pink Kitchenaid mixer, in it, but then…


Sparks’ mint-green Hamilton Beach milkshake mixer was added to it. Isn’t that neat? We’ve been making protein shakes with it–it almost (almost) makes them seem like a treat.


And then the pastel Pyrex mixing bowls began to show up…


And kept on showing up.


Yay pastels! Yay for springtime!

(though, in the interests of full disclosure, there is currently snow on the ground. The grill looks so, so sad.)


One thought on “Pastels & Pyrex

  1. Yay! I love pastel appliances. So retro/vintage, so springy fresh!

    But protein shakes? Really? Why not a nice yoghurt fruit smoothie? Or an old-fashioned chocolate malt (mmmmmm!)?

    Uhoh… that makes me want to visit the local diner and dip my fries in my chocolate malt. Yum. Too bad that combination is absolutely terrible for you! Ah well…. maybe all the outdoorsy-ness of summer will compensate somewhat…

    P.S. What is it about bowls that is just so attractive? I find myself lusting after mixing bowls I know I’ll never use… or wash… Lol. Must be all that lovely round emptiness begging to be filled with delicious things. Happy Spring!

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