Cake lies

I knew you were coming, so I made a cake!


Oh, okay, I didn’t make it–my cakemaster, Buffy, did. I just decorated it. Tonight was the last of a three-part cake decorating class that taught me how to ice a cake, to smooth the icing, to make roses and pipe letters, how to make buttercream and royal icing and meringue–in short, everything I really wanted to know. The fondant and gum paste courses coming up will just be… if you pardon me, icing on the cake.


Do you see that icing rose? I made that. For reals. No kidding.


I made all of these, too.


I adore this little rosy border piping. It’s sort of hard to control, but worth the effort.


I like the shell border at the bottom, too. The violets are on the cake because they were there and I could.


Let’s have another look at those shells. Classy.

Coming up tomorrow: a look at Buffy’s extremely cute studio space. Hmmm… how do I get to a point in life when I can have a cute studio to teach cake decorating classes?


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