Happy Spring! Wow… I had gotten so used to the idea that winter would never end, it hadn’t occurred to me that it really would end.

Right now, my garden is gobsmacking me. All of those perennial plants I put in last year are… get this… coming back. Whodathunkit? Truth in advertising!

This is going to be the creamy-dreamy foxglove

If memory serves, these are going to be majestic shasta daisies


Hollyhocks… they got nibbled on dreadfully last summer, but this summer they’re scheduled to bloom, oh my!

My “pink” daffodils, which all bloomed yellow and white last year, might be different this year…

The very best of the frostbitten hyacinths

Pernicious achillea

And the sweetest surprise of all–my lungwort is not only alive, but blooming. I bought these lovely plants last March and, once I put them in the ground, they stayed squat and leafy and nary a flower did they show. It looks like they might be feeling more generous, this year.

Other spring things are happening. Yesterday as I was driving home from lunch, this patch of prairie preserve was on fire. By the time I drove back and took this picture, though, it had gone out.

Spring! What a joy, what a relief. What a time to look forward to another year of all the bounty and friendship and good things that the warm months bring.

What a good time to address and send out my wedding invitations.


4 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Are you going to take on hand-addressing!?!? I had the best intentions to calligrapher my own invites but then after the first 5 I gave up and went the printer route!! Let me know if you want any tips or need some emotional support!!

  2. Why yes, you are! Shannon says that Deacon will be in-state at the time. Please consider him a part of your invitation.

  3. Lord, THIS comment has been in the spam for the past month. Sorry! Yes, I did address everything by hand. I spent a lot of time in high school and college working on my handwriting–always preferred writing to printing–and if I get in the groove, I can still write very nicely. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough, which is what this wedding is all about 🙂

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