Tiffins return to the mothership

We went away from Sparks’ parents house, when we last visited, with this curious object.


It is a pie carrier that belonged to his grandmother, and so could date from the 1930s. It looks and is put together just like my tiffin cases, but on a larger scale. We wonder if perhaps the tiffin case design wasn’t based on these pie carriers… or if they aren’t both descended from a common ancestor. It would seem so.


3 thoughts on “Tiffins return to the mothership

  1. Can you imagine saying, “I’ll bring the pies for Thanksgiving dinner.” Then you arrive with this baby filled with pumpkin, cherry, apple and mincemeat pies! What a coup. Makes “The Grandmother Tour” worthwhile.

  2. That is an awesome portable pie chest! Makes me want to make mini-pies for my tiffin! Which you inspired me to buy, by the way. Can’t wait for warmer weather so I can really get some use out of it!

  3. Isn’t she a beaut? There has been a pink-enameled pie carrier for sale on eBay, but really, I’ve already got the best possible one–no excuse to get another. Thanks for the heads up about the Little House cookbook. I am *definitely* going to check that out.

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