Green garden lap quilt

Here is a closer look at the quilt that my mother most recently finished for me:


This was made from the green colorset from Shabby Fabrics and some white-on-whites from JoAnn’s. The pattern is similar to a Snowball quilt, except that that only two corners of each block have a white patch sewn on. This creates a pretty trellis pattern.


My mother quilted this in her favorite feathers. She does these freehand, and they’re her favorite quilting design. I remember, several years ago when she got her first longarm machine and quilting frame, that she would draw feathers with her finger at the dinner table. It builds muscle memory for the design.


Here is the design from the back… without my pesky patchwork to get in the way šŸ˜‰


So now, if ever Pudding isn’t asleep in my bedroom chair, I can cozy up there with a book and a cup of tea, with the quilt over my knees and a view onto my flower garden right beside me. Very nice, very nice indeed.



8 thoughts on “Green garden lap quilt

  1. Oh, my goodness! That is one beautiful quilt. It’s an easy pattern to make but the choice of color and the EXQUISITE quilting makes it an heirloom. Does your mom do quilting for hire?

  2. No, she is usually so busy with her own quilting projects that she doesn’t quilt for other people… she has even suggested that I could learn how to run the machine for myself, when I visit her! The quilt was no doubt inspired by a picture somewhere, but I didn’t use a pattern to make it. I cut six 5.5″ squares from each green fat quarter. The white corner pieces were originally 2.5″ squares, laid on the corners of the green squares, and sewn horizontally.

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