Happy anniversary, Pudding

It is December 30–exactly one year since I took my darling Christmas Pudding home from the pound. Mwah, love you sweetie.






4 thoughts on “Happy anniversary, Pudding

  1. I have just thoroughly enjoyed myself going through your blog and looking at your wonderful quilts. You have exquisite tastes in fabric selection, not to mention a great quilter in your Mom. What is the quilt on the wing chair behind Pudding? Also the one on the Christmas bed. Patterns and fabrics. Your photography is really super, much nicer than mine. I hope to improve. What camer do you use.

    Again, love the blog, pictures and the quilts. And Happy Anniversary Pudding! What a lucky girl she is.

  2. The quilt on the chair back is made from the green colorset from shabbyfabrics.com. It is similar to a Snowball pattern, but with patches sewn onto only two corners of each block, instead of four. The guest bed quilt is made from Maison de Noel fabric, and I got the pattern from a Kaffe Fassett book–I forget which–an old one, not a new one. I use a brand-new Canon PowerShot to take pictures; it does a much nicer job with colors than my three-year-old PowerShot did.

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