A cozy early Christmas

Sparks and I are determined to have a grown-up Christmas by ourselves this year… or maybe that’s just how I’m thinking about it. Anyway, my parents were here this weekend to celebrate Christmas early. I still am having such fearful trouble coming up with blog posts, even though lots of nice things are all around. Cookies, apple pie, my mother’s pecan Christmas cake, Sparks making bread… wait, I do I have a picture of that:

(whispers) My, he’s handsome

And all of the Christmassy goodness of Christmas dinner and presents and a long, lazy day in pajamas watching DVDs and playing with new toys. The house is lovely, too.

The gold and green tree is the same as ever

And the guest room is not substantially changed this year. It has been augmented only by the addition of a little tree

The tree has my collection of cardinals and mushrooms, and some old netted glass ornaments that I’ve had ever since I can remember.

And Christmas cheer is piled upon the bookshelves, there.

Pudding–my Christmas Pudding, now with me almost a whole year–finds the guest bed to be her favorite place for sittin’ pretty. Though to be honest…

She looks awfully pretty on the wing chair with the new quilt my mother brought–the top that I finished this summer. She quilted it in pink feathers; isn’t that so pretty and just right?


7 thoughts on “A cozy early Christmas

  1. The quilt is fabulous (as is Pudding, as always)! You and your mom make a wonderful quilting team. I wish you a wonderful holiday and beautiful new year. So your man also bakes bread? It doesn’t get any better than that! πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh, he always gets better. Like when he gets up early and bakes bread so that it’s ready when I wake up. Mmmmmrrrrrrr. Happy holidays to you, teeni!

  3. Thank you for sharing your decorations and plans (and pix of Pudding). I’ve been reading your blog for at least a year now and it’s lovely to see how happy you are.

    Merry and Happy!

  4. I think your kitty’s are just gorgeous!!
    I’m enjoying your blog as well!
    Keep up the good work. But, it’s not really work, is it??

  5. Phew–one would think it was work, the way I’ve been avoiding it recently πŸ˜‰ . Pudding thanks you for the compliment!

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