Christmastime is here

This year, my big holiday rush happened in November. I am now facing a beautiful December without a single weekend away from home! On Sunday, we all woke up to snow and I didn’t leave my house once. There were waffles for breakfast, berry crisp for dinner, the fire crackling, hot cocoa, cuddling with Sparks, the Christmas decorations put up, cards beginning to be written and addressed, and some cozy time with Pudding and her Radio Flyer quilt. It was the nicest day I’ve had in a long, long time. Viva lazy days!

My collection of vintage blown-glass ornaments lives on a white tree in my bedroom. The tinsel is pink. The whole thing is… wonderful. It lights the whole room in a cozy way.

I love the banded ornaments, and I love reflector ornaments. I can never have enough reflectors!

Though all the ornaments are quite nice. The white tree really shows them off, in a way that a green one wouldn’t.

I made stockings out of Florentine-patterned fabric, to match the Florentine paper stars from last year. I’m going to make nametags to go on them from more Florentine paper, and weight them with Venetian sommerso beads. It’ll be lovely.

There are bowls of lovelies scattered around my living room…

Lovely lovely lovely.

The weather cooperated beautifully. It dumped three inches of snow on us, the night I put all this up. *happy sigh*


9 thoughts on “Christmastime is here

  1. How beautiful ~ I think I have that same tree. I too have always loved vintage ornaments and especially pink!! I just don’t have the talent nor skill to make those fabulous stockings you made! Very nice …

  2. Your house always looks so cosy! And I love that tree. I’m hoping to get a Nordmann fir in soon, but in the Netherlands we celebrate Sinterklaas on the 5th of December and until that time you’re not really socially allowed to already start decorating for Christmas. I really like your idea of bowls with Christmas decorations by the way.

  3. Fortunately in America, there are no such social restrictions, and we are free to behave as badly as we please 😉 . No, really, Thanksgiving is sort of the boundary, here–maybe the beginning of December, for some people. The Christmas festivities “seem” to begin earlier every year.

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