A long winter’s nap

We had the first hard freeze of the season last night, so gardening is all over and it is time to squirrel away provisions in the face of the long, cold winter ahead.

Time to dry pears and apples from the trees

Time to pickle the green tomatoes that will never ripen

Time to start crocheting an afghan–this time around, one of the fetching white-border granny square afghans that have caused so much fuss in the blogosphere of late.

And Pudding is all curled up with her afghan and her quilt and a good book. Gee… I wish that was *my* spot on the bed…

She Who Must Be Obeyed occupies whatever spot on whatever bed she chooses, of course.


One thought on “A long winter’s nap

  1. I love your photos and I commend you for squirreling thing away for the winter, but I have always wondered what to do with dried pears and apples? Do you bake with them? Must they be reconstituted first? I don’t have much experience with drying foods as you can see.

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