Sugar cookies, just because

Sitting at a desk all day and working at a computer, as I do, can easily lead to a helpless feeling of sensory deprivation. You can pause to look at pretty pictures on flickr, and you can listen to music, but the senses of taste and touch and scent are, alas, woefully neglected during the workday.

It was thus that, while looking at Alicia Paulson’s photostream, I conceived a wild desire… nay, a need… to bake star-shaped sugar cookies, iced in aqua and white, and covered in multicolored sprinkles. That very night. A weeknight. For no reason. I HAD to do it.

Fortunately, sugar cookies come easy these days. I didn’t even have to make the dough from scratch.

Pastel candies!

And more pastel candies!

Ahhhh, the blank canvas

Sweet, sweet satisfaction was mine. Gosh it felt good.

And you know what? I work in an office. I didn’t even have to eat the cookies, I just had fun making them and then brought them to work the next day, where they were Disappeared.

I heart sprinkles.


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