Tropical Storm Omar

At least once a month, something makes me think to myself, “you can’t make this stuff up”.

Tropical storm Omar, which has since matured into Hurricane Omar, has hit Bonaire. It arrived about a week after we left. A week after our solid eight days of still, hot sunshine. The storm was very bad for the coral reef surrounding Bonaire (such storms almost never make it so far south, I am told) and very hard on the infrastructure.

Buddy dock 1

This is the dock at Buddy Dive Resort, where we stayed. I did my first recreational dive off of this dock. We did our night dive off of this dock. On our last day there, when we weren’t allowed to dive, we snorkeled off of this dock. What a mess.

Buddy dock 2

These are obviously not my own photos. I don’t know where they came from. If they’re yours or if they belong to someone you know, and you object to them being here, give me a holler.


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