Changing of the Guard

This is Old Faithful, who until now has taken the pictures used on this blog:


Old Faithful’s battery pack started going on the fritz right before I left for Bonaire. When I found out that a new battery pack cost not considerably less than a new camera, and thought about how many years I’ve had Old Faithful, I decided that it was time for a new camera.

I do not have a picture of the new camera because Old Faithful has collapsed completely and refuses to work. I suppose I could swap out New and Shiny’s battery pack, to take a picture of New and Shiny, but I’m feeling that Old Faithful was, in the end, not faithful at all. He died without taking a picture of New and Shiny for a reason. New and Shiny is a Canon PowerShot, also, an SD1100 IS, in pink. Yes, I have a pink camera. Yes, it’s too cute for words.


And maybe it’s just me… but I think New and Shiny takes noticeably better pictures. I mean, look at the intensity of color. I think it’s been heretofore unknown, on Snapdragons. Welcome to the new world order.



New and Shiny had her first field trip this morning, to the local Farmer’s Market. The market, like the seasons, is poised between the tomatoes and eggplant and peppers of summer, and the pumpkins and squash of autumn.






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