Bonaire: Underwater

(all pictures in this post courtesy of Tasha and her amazing submersible camera housing–thanks Tash!)

While the island of Bonaire is an interesting and beautiful place, the reason most tourists come to it is to dive on the gorgeous, healthy coral reefs that surround it. One can see hard and soft corals as shallow as 15 feet, and as a deep as… well… I went to 120.

Squid inhabit the sunny, shallow waters and tend to travel in small schools. I am a cephalopod fan, and these little guys won my heart. They were so cute.

The fish population in the waters off of Bonaire is phenomenal. There are fish everywhere you look–big fish, small fish, single fish, schooling fish. And friendly school of black-and-purple fish even took in one of us, in a black-and-purple wetsuit, as their own.

Can you spot the scorpion fish? We saw more of these on the night dive than on daytime dives, but this guy was out in broad daylight.

Being a cephalopod fan, it was my dearest wish to meet an octopus in person. Finally, on my last dive of the trip, I did. This fellow poked out one tentacle, as if to shake my hand.

Something odd is happening to the green moray eels around Bonaire. They are swimming during the day, which they usually don’t, and also being found dead in large numbers. This is a picture of a live, free-swimming eel that Tasha came across. The only one I saw was, sadly, dead and belly-up.

There are anemones and sea urchins among the coral (ouch!)

There are also sea turtles around Bonaire. I saw two of them on my dives. (There are also large eagle rays, and I saw one of those.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour! Tata!

2 thoughts on “Bonaire: Underwater

  1. We are investigating the mortalities of moray eels at Bonaire. Please tell me the date and locality where you observed the dead Green Moray. Also, the name of the observer, if you wish for it to be listed in the write up.

    Thank you.

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