Mighty Leaf: Detoxing the Dragon

I’ve talked about Mighty Leaf teas here more than once, so you can imagine my delight when they sent me two of their new teas to sample.

Organic Detox Infusion is composed of a mysterious blend of herbs, which the package promises include basil and mint. Indeed, the aroma and taste of this tea speak very strongly of mint–after the heat of the first sip began to subside, my mouth was filled with the characteristic tingle of menthol. The color of the tea, though, is a bright, almost electric lime green, which says there’s something else in there. While the animal physiology major in me cocks an eyebrow at the idea of “detoxing” with anything less potent than a chelating agent, this is a lovely mint tea, probably my favorite made by this company.

Organic Green Dragon is a straight green tea. Mighty Leaf’s silk tea pouches always contain a lovely assortment of plant matter, every bit as decorative and pleasing as the taste and aroma of the infusion they yield, and this one was composed of big chunks of tea leaf, dried but still a vibrant green in color. The tea it yielded was green-brown with the faintest touch of a smoky taste. I think that it toes a line between the very weak green teas that I tend to drink, and the strong smoky teas that some of my friends prefer and that are sometimes served in Japanese restaurants. If you want to transition into the smoky greens, this would be an excellent place to start.

In other news, I am about to leave for paradise, and Pudding has decided to pack herself and go along with me. Well, darling, indeed I wish you could. Lots of kisses on your kitty head.


4 thoughts on “Mighty Leaf: Detoxing the Dragon

  1. You don’t love her as I would. Or you would never leave her. I am going to run up there and steal her. I know where you live. ha.

  2. LOL @ Candy’s comment. It must be heartbreaking to leave her behind. My cats jump in my suitcase when I’m packing too. I think it’s the cutest thing (until I get where I’m going and find all the cat hair on my clothes – then I get a little angry, brush off the hairs and then I feel bad and start to miss them and wish I had the hairs back). Okay I guess that is Too Much Information. I’m officially a little old cat lady. LOL.

  3. Oops. I suppose it would have been nice of me to have wished you a safe and healthy trip. I do, you know. I just got distracted by your little feline friend. 🙂

  4. I have to admit I’m always a little skeptical of detox teas, but the combination of mint and basil has me intrigued…

    Looks like Pudding is going to miss you. Smart kitty.

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