Knit like Jared


Jared Flood is a rare bird in the world of knitting–he’s a man, and he knits. He also designs. He also has heavenly taste in yarn and design, and he also takes super-pretty pictures. He’s also relatively prolific. All of these things together make him, in my mind, probably the top knitting blogger who is still active today (there were one or two who rivaled him, but they got all tied up in… even more knitterly pursuits. Maybe you know who I’m talking about. She’s sadly missed out here. Interweave Shminterweave.)

It has been an unusually cool summer here and has now taken a turn into distinctly Autumnal weather. I slept under a quilt AND an afghan last night, and my cat stealthily nestled under my arm while I slept, for warmth. I’m thinking about breaking out the tweed trousers, today. I’m eating oatmeal for breakfast. And, oh honey, you know that I can’t resist Jared’s cabley, heathery goodness, no I can’t.

Habitat. Koolhaas. Odessa. Hats hats hats, here I come.


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