Cake stands and only cake stands

For a long time, I had two cake stands. One had a dome, and was occasionally used to display cakes or, in one of my more creative and reckless moments, as a centerpiece stuffed with glass Christmas ornaments. The other didn’t have a dome, and sits by my stove and keeps my cooking oils and salt and pepper under control.

Then I went to IKEA for the first time.

Oh my, how DARLING. They make a couple of serving dishes and salad plates in this pressed-glass design, also, but the cake stand and dome were not resistable. At all.

I mean, look at that sweet floral pattern. Look at the sweet scalloped edge.

There’s a better view for you. Isn’t it so sweetly Scandinavian? Doesn’t it make you want to braid your hair and wear kneesocks with woven bands to hold them up, and drink berry juice and double your vowels?

Oh my. I certainly can’t get enough. Had to have it.

Then, while at TJ Maxx, I saw this little cutie. It is just the right size, I think, to hold one of the three-cup cakes that my iddy-but-not-individual Bundt pans produces. Have I shown you those Bundt pans? Oh my, I must remember to do that sometime.

It is plain, but it is very useful in its own way. I also see this being used as a centerpiece full of fruit and gilded nuts… or a round of artisanal cheese and grapes and hydrangea leaves.

Now remember. This post is ENTIRELY about the cake stands. Pay attention to what’s important.


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