Summer food

Today is the first of four days of near-solitude; four days in which I am staying home and getting things done. Obviously, I need to lay in provisions for the long haul, and obviously, I need to use up the stuff that’s coming out of my garden. Can do!

The first order of business was to partially contain the enormous patch of basil. Purple, green, sweet, genovese, whatever–there’s way too much of it and some of it was starting to bloom. One can only eat so much insalate caprese, so…

Pesto time! Hooray! Most of the pesto was spooned into muffin cups and stuck in the freezer, but some of it…

Was put on pasta. Oh, yummmmm.

Kofte were set to fry

Tabbouleh was assembled, with the help of the burgeoning parsley and mint plants.

Eggplant was sliced, grilled, and stuffed with mozzarella.

And I packed a fabulous lunch for tomorrow. Gosh, with my fancy Mr. Bento and my fancy tiffin-box, I am hard pressed to decide what is more fun–going to a restaurant with friends, or packing my lunch. Really!

What was important tonight, though, was this: the first ripe big tomato. I’ve been getting handfuls of the little guys for some time now, but this was a real slicing tomato. Oh my goodness.

There is good food, but then there is sheer wasteful decadence and decay. This first precious sun-ripened tomato didn’t need a darn thing but salt. Mmmmmmmmm.


2 thoughts on “Summer food

  1. Oh, I love caprese salad! But yes, I think you could get tired of it after a while. I’ve always wanted a Mr. Bento but now I don’t work so I don’t have to pack a lunch and it makes no sense. LOL. Your lunch looks fabulous though. 🙂

  2. oh my that tomato just made my mouth water. i miss eating fresh tomatos out of my grandpa’s garden. that’s the first thing i’m gonna grow when i finally get a house with room for a garden!

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