My continuing quest to make packing my lunch an appealing option very quickly led me to the bento box craze, and yes, I have a Mr. Bento and several traditional boxes–which I will blog eventually. Two days ago, though, something much more exciting arrived on my doorstep: a tiffin box from India.


“Tiffin” can be a light snack or it can be a lunch packed to be taken to work. In Mumbai, messengers called dabbawallah deliver thousands of tiffin boxes to office workers every day, with nary a mistake. It is an amazing system and an amazing story; do check it out.


My first tiffin wasn’t traditional dal and curry and naan, but ooh, it was tasty.


3 thoughts on “Tiffin

  1. I received my first snack sized Tiffin from The Happy Tiffin. I haven’t used it yet. I didn’t realize you could order Tiffins from India.

    Your food looks so yummy!

  2. No problem! I heart my tiffins… it’s just too easy to go home for lunch, these days. After we move into Sparks’ house, they’ll go into regular rotation.

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