The herb garden confers super powers

Earlier in the summer I expressed my frustration with the buying and handling of fresh herbs for cooking. This frustration was misplaced, because as I wrote, I had forgotten that I had an herb garden growing just outside my back door. Ah! The herb garden! The cilantro never really took hold, but the mint and parsley are going bonkers and needed to be reined in a little. I was only too happy to do so, and the results… were nearly spontaneous, and shocking to myself. I don’t think there are going to be any hummus-and-pita-over-the-sink evenings this week.

Tabbouleh. Ooooooh. I happened to have a bag of bulgur in the back of my pantry… and to have some fresh orange tomatoes sitting around.

Sauteed squid with cilantro, mint, and lime dressing. Ooooooh. I always keep a block of squid in my freezer, and I always have limes around because I’m a gin & tonic junkie. Turns out they’re good for other things, too. This squid is intended to be mixed with some of the salad greens that are forever present in my fridge. (The recipe is from Forever Summer by Nigella Lawson)

Seared eggplant stuffed with feta, chili, mint, and lime. Oooooooh. I frequently grab an eggplant or a handful of zucchini while at the grocery–an eggplant can be sliced, breaded, and fried if nothing more exciting occurs. Fortunately this week, something did. (This is Nigella, too)


One thought on “The herb garden confers super powers

  1. I had a similar issue with cilantro this summer, too. My cilantro bolted very early in the season, as soon as it began to get hot. After that, it was useless. Parsley and mint are raging as well. Another great one that just thrives is Greek oregano. Happy gardening!

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