Happy fifth of July!

In my “tribe” there are three of us with July birthdays. The beginning of July is also the approximate anniversary of the closing on my house and those long, sweltering, messy weekend trips to it to paint bedrooms. And then, of course, there is the Fourth of July. So I thought it was high time to throw a party.

Do you feel festive yet?

There was a birthday trifle, loosely based on Battenberg cake. This is yellow cake (some of it dyed pink) with vanilla whipped cream, strawberry-rhubarb jam, marzipan, and fresh raspberries. Mmmm. There was also, sadly unphotographed, a staggering turtle (as in chocolate, caramel, and pecans) cheesecake.

And cornbread… and fried chicken… and green tomato pickle. Mm.

We tried to eat out on the deck, where the morning glories are going wild and giving a pleasant jungle atmosphere to things, but it was just too hot and eventually we retreated to the Great Indoors.

And I even got a birthday present. This is a cut crystal snuffbox with a silver repousse lid (and the box it came in–tee hee). Someone has me pegged.



One thought on “Happy fifth of July!

  1. Oh, happy late birthday to you! Sorry I missed it while I was away. Your party preparations look wonderful.

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