Come out of the garden, Maude

Phew. Let’s go indoors for a while. All of that sunshine is getting to be a bit much.

There are plenty of pretties to look at indoors, though. Last night, in one of what’s becoming a long run of sleepless nights, I found my ribbon box. Awwww. They’re all so cute! And just imagine all of the ridiculously adorable things that can be done with them–birthday presents tied up, kittens decorated, little girl’s dresses adorned, hand-knit sweater bindings reinforced. The possibilities are endless.

And then I found more ribbon,

And then I found more. These three are extra-wide and extra-special. I think these are appropriate only, really, for tying up birthday packages–don’t you think?

Also there has, mysteriously, come to be yet another pile of fabric in my craft room. Where CAN it have come from??? Such mysteries. This will be another quilt, though, possibly another queen-size quilt, possibly the Radio Flyer design from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Collection… or possibly something else entirely. I just don’t know yet. I only know that these fabrics are absolutely edible.

And I don’t feel guilty about these new mysterious pile of fabric, because sleepless nights mean that this…

Is turning into this.


2 thoughts on “Come out of the garden, Maude

  1. I wondered onto your Blog and I think your pictures are incredible! Love all your flowers and fabrics! Great ribbons too!

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