The garden news, June 27

I have heard reports that some airports are hanging signs above the area just past security–you know, where there’s a table and chairs–that say “Recombobulation Area”. I think that’s awesome. I have been home from my Grand Tour of family homesites for a few days now, so I think that I am sufficiently recombobulated to resume blogging.

The garden is flourishing. This end of the perennial bed looks so good that… I’m showing you a picture of the whole thing, instead of closeups of whatever looks good at the moment. The Canterbury Bells are gathering their energy for a second bloom, the foxglove has sent up short secondary stalks of blossoms, and the pinks are going crazy. I was down on them, earlier in the season, but they’ve taken off in the warm weather and it’s all love for them, all the time, now.

This other end of the perennial bed is less impressive. This is where everything that arrived this Spring was planted (as opposed to the other end which is full of Fall-planted stuff). Things are blooming, even thriving, but it’s a feeble first-year garden. It will look much better next summer.

Lupins are blooming, though! Boy howdy hooray!

The darling pinks (Sparroweye was right–what I thought were pincushion mums are actually another variety of dianthus. So where, I ask, are the pincushion mums?)

The achillea/yarrow is doing well, too. Its blossoms fade as they age. At the moment, this is providing a pleasant mottled red and coral-pink effect.

And, squeeeee!!! The forget-me-nots are blooming! These are Chinese forget-me-nots, and aren’t quite as precious as the wild ones by my parents’ stream, but oh how happy they make me. There is a big thick knot of them at one edge of the seed bed.

And in the vegetable and herb bed…

I’m going to have baby tomatoes. What a relief.

Baby cucumbers, too. Or are these zucchini…? Who can tell?

Whatever this plant is, it gets visibly larger every day. I’m afraid of it.

The sweet peppers I am not so sure about. Are these blossoms or fruit? I dunno.

The chamomile is going bonkers (as are the parsley and dill)

And here is the newest, tiniest, and most precious addition to the garden. This, my friends, is the most popular climbing rose of all time–the most beautiful–the most ethereal. Pierre de Ronsard, also known as the Eden Climber. Check it out.


One thought on “The garden news, June 27

  1. Your garden and flowers are looking great! I still have yet to find a foxglove plant but I’m sure I will eventually.

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