Stonehedge Fiber Mill

Located a pleasant distance from the Perfect Cabin is Stonehedge Fiber Mill, where wool is produced, and sheared, and cleaned, and carded, and spun, and dyed, and sold. These people don’t miss a single step.

There is an enormous amount of river rock in the soil around here. It is the material of choice for landscape edging and, in the 19th century, for building. Here is a stone barn,

and here is a stone church.

At Stonehedge, the welcoming committee was waiting for us.

We saw where the wool is washed and dried and weighed,

and where it is carded.

This is the second carding machine featured on this blog in less than a month. It was about 1/6th the size of the antique, but every bit as Steampunk-esque. They build these, if you’re in the market for one.

Roving has more than one use, did you know? Please don’t tell Pudding that I petted this cat. She wouldn’t understand.

The roving is further combed and straightened

then it is spun and plied. This machine impressed me, also… I have seen ones like it in books about Victorian thread factories.

Stonehedge also takes in jobs from other producers. Here are cones of singles, fresh from a certain favorite dyer of mine, all ready to be plied.

When the yarn is all finished, it is sold in the tiny yarn shed on the property… or on the Stonehedge web site. This yarn is lovely and earthy, the colors deep, and if you buy the “almost handspun”, they can tell you what sheep it came from.



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