The garden news

Summer is in full swing. The temperature has been above 80 everyday for two weeks, now, so if things are every going to get going–they’ve got going now.

I cannot love on these lantana enough. What a wonderful plant. What a wonderful flower.

Some of my snapdragons are doing very well, and others aren’t. It’s almost like the saucer planters got a fungus–the plants are stunted and won’t bloom.

Oh well, at least I still have some to enjoy.

Each of my three shasty daisy plants is now crowned with a single bud. They’re quite comical.

The pinks have taken hold…

Oh, how they have taken hold. What a relief, after having them eaten down so severely early in the season.

The mystery plant, with espresso-cup-sized flowers, turns out to be a second variety of Canterbury Bells. It’s comical next to the tiny starry purple ones (which are now mostly finished for the season–along with my foxglove, alas).

The achillea is peeking at me. It will take its sweet time coming into full flower, though.

Now for bad news: the delphiniums, hollyhocks, and lupines are being eaten down so badly that I am sure they will not flower. The sage and lavender are so small and ill-established that they won’t do very much this year, either. Also, my tomatoes and peppers are not doing so well as I should hope, given that bloggers in Ohio are already seeing fruit set. This may be because they are shaded for the last few hours of the day by a pesky, pesky tree about which I have no special feelings. I may have a tree-less back yard in my future.

One thought on “The garden news

  1. Oooh, so pretty. Sorry about the delphiniums, hollyhocks and lupines. Those large, espresso cup sized Canterbury Bells are what I used to have in my garden – they were my favorite because they were so large and unusual. They are also a biennial from what I understand. Every other year they would just put forth greenery and no flowers. Just thought I’d let you know so you wouldn’t worry about them if they don’t bloom next year.

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