Fabric dreams

I have had the de-cluttering bug since yesterday evening. I re-organized the containers of things on my deck, I cut back the Spring bulb greenery, I organized my sewing table, I cleared off my dining table… and I want to use up some of this fabric that has been sitting around for years. I have three cases:

This is not such a hard case. After looking through Miss Rosie’s Quilt Collection, I’ve decided that these green prints and white-on-whites are destined to be an American Pie quilt. I’m itching to start cutting the pieces–good thing I cleared off my sewing table last night!

These adorable assorted prints were bought just for the sheer joy of them. I am now thinking that perhaps I should make cutie-patootie baby dresses out of them, to give away and to sell on Etsy.

And lastly this lovely spread, which I showed you on the Fourth of July last year. Hmmmm. Possibilities… possibilities… I just don’t know quite what these would be good for. Mixed with white-on-whites for a gorgeous summery quilt? Even more cute little-girl dresses? Napkins for Fourth of July picnics? Eating? Do you think I could eat these? Because I’d like to.


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