Packed lunch no. 1

Heeeeere it is:


Spinach salad with strawberries, mango, and poppyseed dressing. Squid sauteed with garlic and chili. Key lime rice pudding.

The napkin you may remember as being part of the chocolate service from last summer. The bag is made from additional Bleeker Street fabrics, just made up out of my head. Too entirely cute. The whole office will be scoffing at me, tomorrow. And secretly jealous.


Pudding is applying her little walnut-brain to the problem of packing a helping of fuzzy-kitty-belly in the lunch bag.


2 thoughts on “Packed lunch no. 1

  1. hi Kat,
    haven’t been around for a while, but everything looks fab on your blog!!
    Your garden looks wonderful, your food makes me hungry and your quilt is tempting me!! Guess I have to drop by more often again 😉

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