Ryan’s Salmon

Whew. That was quite a thing! I posted from home, sick, on Wednesday of last week. I was also out sick Thursday and Friday, then didn’t stir from home all weekend, and have spent this past week grossing out my co-workers with racking coughs and Olympic-quality nose blowing. On Thursday evening I finally hit the Ten Days Sick mark at which doctors will take one seriously, and got some antibiotics. I am feeling slowly better now, thanks very much 🙂

Between the fever and the congestion–which turned into a sinus infection–I didn’t have much of a sense of smell or taste for a week, nor much appetite for anything. Food just hasn’t been interesting, not even chicken tikka masala at the best local Indian restaurant. Today, Saturday, was my big day to finally shop for some food and make myself something I would like to eat.


It is still the deep and dark of winter, here. It is still dark by 5:00. I am growing more and more restless for the Spring–warm air, sunshine, long days, and plants growing are my chief desires. I can’t have them, of course. For something fresh and piquant and inspiring, food is a good bet. Let’s give you a closeup of that salmon…


I have given you the recipe for Diana’s Minestrone, so we will call this Ryan’s Salmon. Something that everyone agrees about, about Ryan, is that the dude knows what’s good to eat.


A fillet of salmon, a whole ginger root grated, green onions, soy sauce, black pepper, and three tiny drizzle-trails of honey. Bake at 400 until fish is just done–opaque but flaky, not at all dried out. If it’s iffy when you check it, take it out and let carry-over cook it the rest of the way. DO NOT dry this out!


When Ryan made this, he served it with a potato and chickpea stew, topped with avocado. I decided to eat it Nigella Temple Food style, with a side of sauteed bok choy. Oh, my goodness darlings. After ten days of nothing interesting to eat or taste or smell, to take a mouthful of this tender/flaky/oily salmon, cut with the acerbic ginger and salty soy sauce, contrasted with the still-crunchy green onion…? Oh goodness.


Pudding was even drawn out of her sunbeam to investigate the delicious smells.


5 thoughts on “Ryan’s Salmon

  1. That meal looks and sounds fantastic. I LOVE green onion – it makes so many things just so much more wonderful and is delicious with ginger. Did Pudding get any?

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